Weddings are A LOT to think about. Is very common for couples to forget about some key moments they can include to make their day even better! But don't you worry! Below I have composed some tips to ensure you enjoy your day and get the best images possible!

Photographer Arrival Time

Generally, I recommend that you schedule for your photographer to arrive about 20 minutes before the bride’s hair and makeup are scheduled to be completed. That way I can get a few makeup shots and use the rest of the time to photograph your details. For the Groom, the second photographer will usually start at the same time as I do with the bride.

Have Your Details Ready

One of the first things I do during the getting ready portion of the day is take images of your wedding day details. For the Bride, this includes rings, earrings, necklaces or other jewelry; the dress; the shoes; invitations/save the dates; or any other of the Bride’s significant items. For the Groom, this includes rings, shoes, ties, watch, cufflinks, and any other of the Groom’s significant items. Please have these items ready for me so I can get started right when I arrive!

Tidy the Getting Ready space

Sometimes I will arrive at a home for the getting ready photos and will need to spend the first 10-20 minutes just cleaning up the room to take photos. I know the days before and the morning of the wedding can be hectic, so it is totally understandable. However, it does take time that I could be using to take more photos so I always recommend trying to clean up the space beforehand when possible! The rooms of a home I will typically prefer to use as spaces for getting ready imagery are the master bedroom and/or the living room. Really, I am just looking for the room(s) with the biggest windows to get the best lighting! Direct access to the windows without obstruction is also ideal!

Father/Mother first looks

Another great authentic moment you can add to your day is setting aside some time for your parent(s) to see you fully dressed for the first time. This works for either the bride or groom in the getting ready portion of the day. It can lead to some really great images too – especially if your mom or dad is one to tear up!

Recessional Kiss

The recessional is the walk you make down the aisle as a newlywed couple as you exit the ceremony. This moment makes for some of my favourite images of the day, but one way to make it even better is to go in for a kiss about halfway down the aisle! This creates such an exciting image and it's always a hit!

Bonus Tip: When walking down the aisle during the recessional try and walk a little slower than normal. That way we can get more images and I’m not running backwards!

Golden Hour Session

I highly recommend you set aside time in your wedding itinerary to take additional portraits together for 15-20 minutes in the 30 minutes leading up to sunset. This offers the opportunity for some incredible wedding pictures in the golden glow the evening provides. These images usually end up being some of the best of the day! If you would like to calculate the time of sunset on your wedding day, you can use the Time & Date Calculator.

Nighttime Session

In addition to the golden hour session, another cool time to take some images is at dusk. With my off-camera flash, I can create some super unique and artistic-looking images! I definitely recommend this if your venue is lit up at night with some sort of display! Let me know if you are interested in these and I will approach you during the reception when there is a bit of a lul. It usually just takes 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Sparkler Exit

Sparkler exits can be super fun and make for stunning images! Although it is called a sparkler ‘exit’ you can do this at any time during the night. I usually recommend doing it just as dancing is beginning before the photographers have to leave. I typically just recommend bringing your wedding party or some close friends/family outside for the images since it can be hard to corral super large groups. Also, I recommend getting the medium to large-sized sparklers - that way they last longer and we have more time to get images!