Planning outfits for your family photo session may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not! With the right guidance, you can effortlessly curate a wardrobe that perfectly captures the essence of your family. Below, I've crafted a comprehensive guide to simplify the process and ensure your session reflects the authentic beauty of your family.


The key to memorable family portraits lies in authenticity. Your clothing should reflect your family's personality and style, allowing your genuine selves to shine through. Whether your vibe is casual, trendy, or classic, embrace what makes your family unique and comfortable. After all, genuine smiles are the best accessory!


My family sessions often involve movement and interaction - especially for those with younger kids! Choose clothing that allows everyone to move freely and comfortably. Opt for breathable fabrics and avoid anything too restrictive. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the experience while looking effortlessly stylish!


Tailor your outfit choices to complement the setting of your family session. Whether you're amidst picturesque landscapes, exploring urban scenery, or enjoying a cozy at-home shoot, ensure your attire harmonizes with the environment. From casual attire for outdoor adventures to semi-formal ensembles for cityscapes, let your location guide your wardrobe selection.


When selecting colors for your family's outfits, aim for a cohesive palette that enhances the overall aesthetic of your photos. Neutral tones such as earthy browns, soft grays, and creamy whites are universally flattering and complement various backgrounds. Steer clear of vibrant hues or busy patterns - these tend to be too distracting in photos.


Achieving coordinated looks for your family doesn't mean donning identical outfits. Instead, opt for complementary colors and styles that create a cohesive visual harmony. Coordinate a color scheme of 3-4 hues among family members, ensuring each person's attire complements the overall aesthetic without overpowering individuality.


Elevate your family's style with carefully chosen accessories that add depth and visual interest to your photos. Layering with jackets, scarves, or statement jewelry can enhance your ensemble while reflecting your personal flair. Consider incorporating meaningful props or accessories that highlight your family's unique bond and shared interests. For families with kids I also encourage your to bring a blanket for some sitting shots! The same colour and tone rules apply when choosing the best blanket for the session!

With these tips in mind, you're well-equipped to curate a wardrobe that enhances the beauty of your family's connection and creates timeless memories to treasure for years to come. If you need further assistance or advice, feel free to reach out – I'm here to ensure your family session is as magical as can be!

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Geoff Shaw Photography

Hey there, I'm Geoff – your friendly family photographer from Hamilton, Ontario. I get it; not everyone's a fan of being in front of the camera, and that's perfectly okay! My specialty lies in capturing families in their most natural, genuine moments. Let's make memories together during your next family session, ones that truly reflect the heart and soul of your unique crew. Looking forward to getting to know you and freezing those special moments in time!