1) Emboss

Emboss is the process of imprinting text onto your album cover it is a great way to give your album a personal touch. When it comes to the emboss text there is a variety of customization available including the text font, emboss colour, text placement, and of course the message itself.


The choice for the location of the text is either the center of the album (center-center) or the top half of the album in the center)


You can have up to two lines of text with a maximum of 22 characters on each line. Couples will typically do either just one line with their names (Name & Name) or their names on the first line and the wedding date on the second line. However, this is your album and you can write what every you would like!


The colours available for your text are:

  • Rose Gold
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Blind (No colour, just the imprint)


The fonts available for your text are:

  • Retro Script
  • Granby EF Light
  • Optima

2) Cover Material

Get ready because there are SO MANY CHOICES! I really like the leatherettes, specifically the Tan, Sandstone, and various browns, but there are also some great linen shades!

*Please note that the Beige Ostrich Lettehrete has been discontinued.



Note: Selecting a Vintage Linen cover restricts the emboss options to the Granby font only in the colours of Gold, Silver, Copper, or Rose Gold due to the manufacturing limitations of the material. This is not for all linen covers, just those starting with "Vintage".

3) Add-Ons


Want an even more premium feel to your album? Consider one of the genuine leather cover types to really make it stand out.