As a local Hamilton photographer I'm thrilled to share some of the stunning landscapes and hidden gems that make Hamilton, Ontario, a dream backdrop for family photos. As a local with a passion for capturing moments that last a lifetime, I've scouted out the BEST locations in our beloved city that not only showcase its natural beauty but also provide the perfect setting for your family's unique story. From lush parks to charming indoor studios, get ready to discover the ultimate spots for your Hamilton family photos!

City View Park

Open, Natural, Fields

My favourite location for a family session, City View Park, provides a great variety of beautiful backdrops. The location features a large grassy field and a variety of small trees along with a larger forested area. There is lots of room for your children to run around and it's usually not too busy!

Visit City View Park: 2500 Kerns Rd, Burlington, ON.

Princess Point

Open, Forested, Waterfront

Tried and true, Princess Point is a very popular spot for photography sessions of all types. Situated right on the edge of the Hamilton Bay, Princess Point has a variety of backdrops to choose from. There are grassy, open fields to get those stunning golden hour images, a forested area to get some more moody captures, and waterfront hollows to capture the lakeside views.

Visit Princess Point: 335 Longwood Rd N, Hamilton, ON.

Kerncliff Park

Open, Natural, Rocky

Previously used as a quarry, Kerncliff Park is now reserved for nature and recreation. The park has various paths, boardwalks, rocky structures, and other natural areas to take amazing photos. The views are unmatched and this is definitely one of my all-time favourite spots to shoot at!

Visit Kerncliff Park: 2198 Kerns Rd, Burlington, ON.

Hendrie Valley

Forested, Natural, Waterfront

Hendrie Valley is one of the Royal Botanical Gardens' many trails and nature reserves. There are so many animals here it's amazing! Chickadees, ducks, chipmunks - you name it! It also features a boardwalk and various bridges that make for great images.

Visit Hendrie Valley: 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON.

Dundurn Castle

Structures, Elegant, Rustic

A Hamilton landmark - Dundurn Castle is an amazing backdrop for romantic photos year-round. The site features the beautifully built historic castle, rustic wooden tables, and a canopy of trees and pathways. There is so much variety to choose from you can't go wrong!

Visit Dundurn Castle: 610 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON.

McMaster University

Structures, Gardens, Rustic

The McMaster campus is an amazing spot for photos. The timeless buildings, lush gardens, and various paths make for great scenery to frame the perfect images. It's also a great choice for any Mac grads, staff, or current students that may have a connection to the space!

Visit McMaster University: 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON.

Spencer Smith Park

Forested, Open, Waterfront

For another option along the waterfront, Spencer Smith Park is available. The location has large open areas along the waterfront path, a small beach, and also a walkway under a canopy of cherry blossom trees! We can also make a stop in front of the Burlington Pier or feature the Skyway bridge in the background.

Visit Spencer Smith Park: 1400 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON.

Best Indoor Locations for Family photos in Hamilton

And Now For Some Indoor Options...

Photography Studios

Indoor, Furniture, Props

Looking for a space that protects you from the elements? There are plenty of stunning studio spaces in the Hamilton area that would make for the perfect spot for your family session. A studio is always a great option in the colder months, especially if you have a newborn or young children. My favorite spaces, from modern to rustic, are all listed in my blog, Top Photography Studios in Hamilton.

The Nook Studio, Burlington

Gage Park Greenhouse

Indoor, Nature, Open

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful location for your family photos, you might want to consider the Gage Park greenhouse in Hamilton. The greenhouse is a 14,000 square-foot (1,300 square metre) space that features a collection of subtropical plants, palm trees, waterfalls, ponds, and seating areas. From experience, I can tell you the greenhouse provides an absolutely stunning backdrop for your photos, regardless of the season or weather! Note: Photography permits are required and start at $251* for a two hour time block during operating hours (9-5) and increase to $334* for after hour bookings. For more information visit the city's website here.

Visit Gage Park Greenhouse: 1000 Main St E, Hamilton, ON.

Your Home!

Indoor, Furniture, Props

Keep it cozy with a session at your home (or a friends!). Opting for a family photo session at the comfort of your home unveils a world of unique and intimate possibilities. Your home is more than just a backdrop; it's a treasure trove of personal stories, a testament to your family's journey. Not to mention, children feel at ease in their familiar surroundings, allowing their true personalities to shine. Additionally, your home offers a canvas for creativity—whether it's capturing casual moments in the kitchen, cozying up in the living room, or exploring the backyard together. The result is not just a series of photographs but a visual narrative woven into the fabric of your everyday life!

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Hey there, I'm Geoff – your friendly family photographer from Hamilton, Ontario. I get it; not everyone's a fan of being in front of the camera, and that's perfectly okay! My specialty lies in capturing families in their most natural, genuine moments. Let's make memories together during your next family session, ones that truly reflect the heart and soul of your unique crew. Looking forward to getting to know you and freezing those special moments in time!