If you're looking for the perfect engagement photo spot in the Hamilton area, you've come to the right place! I'm excited to share my carefully curated top picks, spanning dreamy landscapes, urban vibes, and everything in between. To make your decision easier, I've linked blog posts with images from past engagement sessions at each location for you to explore!

And for those of you embarking on the wedding planning adventure, fear not! I've got an entire blog dedicated to the Best Wedding Photography Locations in Hamilton. Head over to my blog linked here for a comprehensive guide to the most enchanting spots for your wedding photos!


Structures, Elegant, Rustic

A Hamilton landmark - Dundurn Castle is an amazing backdrop for romantic photos year-round. The site features a beautifully built historic castle, rustic wooden tables, and a canopy of trees and pathways. There is so much variety to choose from you can't go wrong!

Visit Dundurn Castle: 610 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON.


Open, Forested, Waterfront

Tried and true, Princess Point is a very popular spot for photography sessions of all types. Situated right on the edge of the Hamilton Bay, Princess Point has a variety of backdrops to choose from. There are grassy, open fields to get those stunning golden hour images, a forested area to get some more moody captures, and waterfront hollows to capture the lakeside views.

Visit Princess Point: 335 Longwood Rd N, Hamilton, ON.


Open, Natural, Rocky

Previously used as a quarry, Kerncliff Park is now reserved for nature and recreation. The park has various paths, boardwalks, rocky structures, and other natural areas to take amazing photos. The views are unmatched and this is definitely one of my all-time favourite spots to shoot at!

Visit Kerncliff Park: 2198 Kerns Rd, Burlington, ON.


Forested, Structures, Waterfront

Perched on the Burlington Waterfront, LaSalle Park offers and a variety of picturesque areas including a marina, trails, green space, and a beautiful historic pavilion. The boardwalk trail through the forest makes for gorgeous photos and is stunning throughout the year - but especially in the fall!

Visit LaSalle Park: 50 North Shore Blvd L, Burlington, ON.


Structures, Gardens, Rustic

The McMaster campus is an amazing spot for photos. The timeless buildings, lush gardens, and various paths make for great scenery to frame the perfect images. It's also a great choice for any Mac grads, staff, or current students that may have a connection to the space!

Visit McMaster University: 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON.

Downtown Hamilton

Urban, Graffiti, Rustic, t

The city of Hamilton has some amazing spots and one of course is the downtown core itself! From the lively restaurants and murals at Hess Street to the vibrant graffiti of Hughson Street - there are so many backdrops to choose from! Downtown Hamilton makes for a great choice for those couple looking for a more casual, relaxed session that want to showcase a more urban vibe!

Visit Downtown Hamilton: Hess Street, James Street, Hughson Street


Forested, Open, Waterfront

Christie's Lake is a nature conservation area outside of the city. The park has a variety of stunning backdrops, including open grassy spaces by the lake and trails through the trees. But my favourite spot is the beautiful pine forest which makes for a great spot in the winter when all the other trees have lost their leaves! The only time I wouldn't recommend Chrisite's is mid to late summer - there are just too many mosquitos!

Visit Christie's Lake: 1000 ON-5, Dundas, ON.


Forested, Natural, Waterfront

Hendrie Valley is one of the Royal Botanical Gardens' many trails and nature reserves. There are so many animals here it's amazing! Chickadees, ducks, chipmunks - you name it! It also features a boardwalk and various bridges that make for great images.

Visit Hendrie Valley: 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON.

Sam Lawrence PARK

Gardens, Open, Lookouts

With its signature view overlooking the city of Hamilton, Sam Lawrence Park is quite the spot! It provides a mix of open space, winding stone paths, and a variety of beautiful gardens! The flowering trees make for stunning backdrops in the spring and the beautifully arranged flower gardens provide another stunning scene throughout the summer.

Visit Sam Lawrence Park: 255 Concession St, Hamilton


Structures, Gardens, Forests

Featuring a tropical Greenhouse, Gage Park also has a multitude of paths, gardens, and structures. It sits at the bottom of the escapement leaving a great backdrop of elevated greenery and features a beautiful limestone fountain making for amazing romantic images!

Visit Gage Park: 1000 Main St E, Hamilton, ON.

Lowville Park

Riverside, Natural, Structures

Right at the border of Burlington and Milton sits the perfect location for a riverside session - Lowville Park. With Bronte Creek running through the length of the property, there is no shortage of cute spots by the river. Plus the park features plenty of bridges, paths, natural landscapes, and even a historic building from the 1800s. All this to say it makes for a great spot - especially if you love nature!

Visit Loville Park: 6207 Lowville Park Rd, Burlington, ON.

Battlefield Park

Elegant, Open, Structures

Featuring the historic Battlefield Monument and an early 19th-century homestead, Battlefield Park provides a grand backdrop. The grounds are perfect for a more formal session, with stone paths and manicured gardens lining the park. And the area looks excellent year-round, making it a great choice no matter the season.

Visit Battlefield Park: 77 King St W, Stoney Creek, ON 


Forested, Natural, Waterfront

Crawford Lake is a beautiful conservation area in Milton just outside of the Hamilton area. It features one of my favourite boardwalks, that creates stunning images with a great rustic vibe. It wraps around a beautiful lake and features a range of beautiful pines and birch trees. There is also a range of trails and some open areas outside of the forest.

Visit Crawford Lake: 3115 Conservation Rd, Milton, ON.


Urban, Structures, Rustic

This quaint set of buildings in Burlington is like taking a portal to Europe. With cobblestone paths, old-timey lamps, and historic architecture this place makes the perfect cute date photographs! It's also a great spot for the winter months!

Visit Village Square: 418 Pearl St, Burlington, ON.

*Some locations may require permits for professional photography on site.

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