Are you on the hunt for the perfect spot in Hamilton to make your wedding photos truly extraordinary? Look no further! As a devoted photographer connected to this beautiful city, I'm excited to share my top picks for your special day with both indoor and outdoor options so you are prepared for any season. Alongside these recommendations, permit pricing details are included for your convenience. Join me as we explore stunning backdrops, hidden gems, and landscapes that have witnessed the magic of countless love stories. Plus, I'll sprinkle in some sample galleries from weddings at these spots to give you a glimpse of the unforgettable moments waiting to be captured. Let's turn your wedding photos into timeless treasures together!

Dundurn Castle

610 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON

A Hamilton landmark - Dundurn Castle is an amazing backdrop for romantic photos year-round. The site features a beautifully built historic castle, rustic wooden tables, and a canopy of trees and pathways. There is so much variety to choose from you can't go wrong!

Just note that this is a popular spot so there are typically multiple wedding groups here on a weekend during wedding season! Not a big deal, just means you may have to wait for specific spots!

Permit Info: Dundurn Castle requires a permit of $205* for groups of 10 or more. For more information call 905-521-3168 or visit the Dundurn National Historic Site webpage here.


41 Jackson St W, Hamilton, ON

Whitehern Historic House and Garden is a beautiful and serene location for wedding photos in Hamilton, Ontario. With its 19th-century charm and neoclassical facade, this elegant stone house is a picture-perfect backdrop. Plus, the manicured gardens and charming walkways add a touch of magic to every image! What's even better? Whitehern is open to the public only during guided tours making it a more private and intimate spot for capturing your special moments!

Permit Info: Whitehern requires a permit of $205* for groups of 10 or more. For more information call 905-521-3168 or visit the Whitehern House & Garden National Historic Site webpage here.

The Rock Garden, RBG

1185 York Blvd. Hamilton, ON

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping spot to snap your wedding photos, look no further than the Royal Botanical Garden's Rock Garden. This place is a gem, literally. It’s been around since 1932, but it’s not some dusty old relic. It’s been revamped with modern and eco-friendly features, while keeping its original charm. Picture vibrant flowers, cascading waterfalls, and impeccably groomed walkways, creating a picturesque canvas for your special day. Plus with multiple level, you'll get amazing views of the lower bowl from the lookout deck above, and capture some unforgettable moments in a place that’s both timeless and trendy. Trust me, the Rock Garden is the ultimate wedding photo destination!

Permit Info: The Rock Garden requires a permit of $280* for groups of up to 20 people. For more information visit the RBG's website on Photo Permits here.

McMaster University

1280 Main Street West Hamilton, ON

Hoping for a romantic and scenic location for your wedding photos? You should consider McMaster University! This campus is more than just a place of learning. It’s a place of beauty, history, and romance. Lined with historic buildings with stunning architecture and timeless elegance McMaster creates a perfect setting for your love story. And oh, the grounds! Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and manicured pathways make every shot a work of art. Whether you're dreaming of a natural vibe or craving the allure of history, McMaster University has it all.

Permit Info: McMaster University requires a permit of $137.00+HST*. For more information and to book your permit visit the McMaster's Website here.

Paletta Mansion

4250 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington, ON.

Get ready to fall in love with Paletta Mansion in Burlington, where history, elegance, and nature team up for a picture-perfect setting. This gorgeous estate rests on the shores of Lake Ontario, embraced by a lush 14-acre wooded park. The mansion, a heritage gem from the 1930s, boasts classic architecture and an exquisite exterior that steals the show as your stunning backdrop. Just picture it – you and your wedding squad, surrounded by the outdoors, capturing candid and captivating moments against a backdrop of timeless elegance and natural beauty. It's not just a venue; it's the dreamy scene where your wedding party photos become a blend of charm, laughs, and unforgettable memories!

Permit Info: Palettta Mansion requires a permit of $136.40+HST*. For more information and to book your permit visit the City of Burlington's website here

Battlefield Park

77 King St W Stoney Creek, ON.

For a uniquely historic setting for your wedding photos, Battlefield Park in Hamilton is a perfect choice! Home to the Battlefield House Museum with its charming homes dating back to the War of 1812, this park offers a picturesque blend of history and natural beauty. Pose in front of these enchanting buildings, wander the gardens, and explore the nature trails. The standout feature, is of course, the Battlefield Monument, a towering 100-foot structure commemorating the Battle of Stoney Creek. Its striking presence against the natural scenery creates a stunning backdrop for photos! Whether you envision a rustic, elegant, or dramatic atmosphere, Battlefield Park is a great spot to capture the essence of your special day.

Permit Info: Battlefield Park requires a permit of $205* for groups of 10 or more. For more information call 905-521-3168 or visit the Battlefield House Museum & Park website here.

Gage Park

1000 Main St E, Hamilton, ON.

Consider Gage Park in Hamilton for a permit-free location to capture your special day. This versatile park offers wide-open spaces, forested areas, a charming limestone fountain, a picturesque rose garden, and an array of paths and structures. Nestled at the bottom of the escarpment, the park seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban charm. Keep in mind that Gage Park is a popular spot for city events, especially on summer weekends, so it's wise to check in advance to ensure a more relaxed atmosphere on your special day.

Permit Info: No permit is required for photos in the park. The greenhouse is an exception, see it's section below.

Shell Park

3307 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON.

For events closer to Oakville, look no further than Shell Park, a hidden gem just beyond Burlington. This enchanting spot boasts over 500 blooming roses, 10,000 annuals, and four perennial flower beds that create a colorful and romantic setting for your special day. You can also explore the trails and paths that wind through the park, offering a variety of natural and scenic backdrops for your photos. And if you want to capture some stunning views of the lake, you can head down to the waterfront, which is just a short drive (or even walk!) away from the park. All these great features make Shell Park the perfect place to celebrate your love and create lasting memories!

Permit Info: No permit is required for photos at Shell park!

Top Indoor Wedding Photography Locations in Hamilton

And Now A few Indoor Options...

Hendrie Park, RBG

680 Plains Rd W, Burlington, ON.

While not completely an indoor space, the Royal Botanical Garden's Hendrie Park boasts both a stunning outdoor garden and indoor Mediterranean Garden. This makes it a perfect choice for weddings year round and provides a great backup in case of rain! I also love to recommend this location for winter weddings as the Mediterranean Garden in the greenhouse is like transporting yourself into a tropical setting!

Permit Info: Hendrie Park requires a permit of $360* for groups of up to 20 people. For more information visit the RBG's website on Photo Permits here.

Millworks Creative District

64 Hatt Street Dundas, ON.

If you are planning a winter wedding and want to avoid the chilly weather, you should consider having your wedding photos at Millwork Creative District, a photography studio in Dundas. This place is a rustic dream, with its old wood floors and brick walls that practically whisper tales of romance. It offers a variety of settings and props for your photoshoot. You can choose from the Annex, the Loft, or the Cottage, each with its own unique charm and style. I usually recommend the Annex, especially if you are having a wedding party, as it the largest space! 

Booking Fee: The Annex, Loft, and Cottage rent out for $110* hour. For more information and to book your slot visit the Millworks Website.

Gage Park Greenhouse

1000 Main St E, Hamilton, ON.

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful location for your wedding photos, you might want to consider the Gage Park greenhouse in Hamilton. The greenhouse is a 14,000 square-foot (1,300 square metre) space that features a collection of subtropical plants, palm trees, waterfalls, ponds, and seating areas. From experience, I can tell you the greenhouse provides an absolutely stunning backdrop for your photos, regardless of the season or weather. Imagine capturing the contrast between vibrant greenery and snow outside or basking in the warmth and burst of colors from the flowers within. And if a tropical-themed wedding is your vibe, well, welcome to paradise without the travel fuss.

Permit Info: Photography permits start at $251* for a two hour time block during operating hours (9-5) and increase to $334* for after hour bookings. For more information visit the city's website here.

The Cotton Factory

1000 Main St E, Hamilton, ON.

Are you tired of the same old boring wedding photos? Do you want to spice things up with some edgy and eye-catching shots? Then you need to check out the Cotton Factory in Hamilton. This place is not your average wedding venue. It’s a former textile mill that has been turned into a creative hub, with spaces for artists, workshops, and events. The Cotton Factory has a ton of character, with its red brick walls, industrial features, and vintage details. You can snap some amazing photos both inside and outside, whether you prefer the rustic charm of the courtyard or the bright and spacious rooms with huge windows and hardwood floors. The Cotton Factory is the perfect place to show off your style and personality. Trust me, your wedding photos will be anything but ordinary!

Permit Info: Photography permits start at $450*+HST for a 3 hour time block for inside spaces and $200*+HST for a 3 hour time block in the outdoor courtyard. For more information visit and contact [email protected] for all space rental inquiries and bookings.

*All permit and rental pricing is up to dates as of January 2024

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