Figuring out what to wear for engagement photos can sound daunting at first. I know you want to make sure your pictures turn out just great - but trust me - it’s not as hard as it seems! Below I have created a guide to help you through the process of narrowing down outfits to ensure you and your partner have a great engagement session that captures the authentic you!


The number one thing to keep in mind when you’re choosing your outfit is: Does it feel like you? I strive to capture your authenticity, and clothing is a great way to express yourself. Even if you think your style may be a bit boring – don’t worry I want to see your personality shine and that can only happen when you feel completely comfortable with what you are wearing. So, as I describe some great features and ideas, make sure to keep this in mind!


When we have our shoot together, I guarantee you will be doing quite a bit of moving around! I find that when you participate in activities with your partner that really makes for great candid photos! That's why I will ask you to do some walking, jumping, spinning – things with lots of motion! So please wear clothes that you can walk in and that do not restrict your movement in any way. Making sure they are physically comfortable is also important to ensure you enjoy your experience! 


I can’t stress this more—make sure your outfit fits your location! Different spaces call for different attire. For example, if you wanted to have a more formal look for your photos, appropriate locations would include places with historic or modern architecture, gardens, beaches, or indoor spaces such as restaurants. Good locations for a casual feel would include parks, nature trails, open fields, industrial areas, or an at-home shoot or a lifestyle shoot. Downtown streets can work great for both semi-formal or casual attire!


Ok now for some colour science! Just kidding, I’ll keep things simple here! The number one rule I like to give for colours is - when in doubt, go with a neutral piece. Neutral colours include things like muted browns, tan, gray, creams, black, or navy. These colours are more cohesive with my editing style and fit well with the overall image I strive to produce. Not to mention natural colours are also flattering for every skin tone and ensure that you are the center of attention in your engagement photos instead of your shirt being the eye-catcher.

Some things to avoid in your outfit choice include:

  • Bright or neon colours
  • Not a huge fan of blues, but they can work if it's a muted tone!
  • All-black outfits (can come out super dark)
  • Clothes with large patterns or logos


In terms of your partner's outfit, I would always recommend a coordinated style or colour palette. However, this definitely doesn’t mean wearing matching outfits (I would avoid this!) rather, I recommend coordinating a tight colour palette of 2-3 different colours between the two of you. If that’s too hard, as long as the colours between you don’t clash, you should be good!


This is how we’re going to really make your pictures pop. Even if your style is more low-key, you can still throw on a couple of accessories. Layering with things like jackets is always a super great way to add some more detail and interest to your outfit. Not to mention it can make for a super-easy way to have two looks! Other great things you can accessorize with include things like hats, jewelry, or props like blankets to get cozy under, or any items that may have significant meaning to you that you would like to showcase.

And of course, make sure to wear the engagement ring! 

That’s about it! As always, let me know if you have any questions or want some recommendations on anything you have picked out – I’m happy to help! I wish you the best in your outfit planning and look forward to our shoot!